Fall Fling Car Show

Fall Fling Car Show

October 12th, 2019

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The process of becoming a member of Kiwanis begins with an invitation by a member of the Golden Empire Kiwanis to attend a minimum of three members. If the potential member is interested, the sponsoring member will complete a New Member Proposal Slip that is forwarded to the Membership Growth committee. Following committee approval, the Board of Directors votes on the application. Once accepted, the prospective member must pay the membership fee and first month’s dues and meals. At the next regular meeting, the “new member” is inducted at a short ceremony.


Membership in Kiwanis is not an expensive proposition. The one-time membership fee is $75.00 and payable at the time of induction. International, district, division and club dues are $_______annually; a portion of which is paid monthly. Members pay $_____ a month for meals, whether eaten or not. Typical monthly costs are: Other charges can include the cost of meals at special functions, inter club visits and extra meetings at other clubs. At the regular meetings, the club president uses the following to raise funds for the administrative account: door prize drawing, happy/sad dollars, birthday & anniversary recognition’s, acts of fame or notoriety and advertising. In the past to provide funds for the Community Service account, Golden Empire Kiwanis has used the following fund raisers:  Fall Fling Car Show and many other small projects. Members are expected to participate in these and other fundraisers.


It feels good. There is no better feeling than serving your community and bringing hope and opportunity to families, neighbors and friends.


A chance to lead. Take the lead on service projects or opportunities within your club or district. Grow from the experience of motivating others.


Fellowship. It’s and opportunity to get together and network with like-minded people.


It improves your health. Research shows that helping others makes us happier and more satisfied in life.


Members are expected to participate regularly in meetings and club functions. If a member cannot attend the regular meetings, he/she is encouraged to attend other clubs in the area for a “make-up” meeting. Board meetings and other special events also count as “make-ups”. When four or more members visit another club together, it is called an “interclub”. These types of visitations are encouraged. Regular attendance gives the members a chance to get to know each other and build lasting friendships. Active involvement and participation in the club’s various service projects and activities are an important component of membership. Strengthening Kiwanis by lending your talents and special skills where they are needed, for the betterment of the community, is strongly encouraged.